(Finnish) Myrkky (myrkky-)n. poison.


Rubén is a Mexican-British Special Effects Designer and Photographer graduated from London South Bank University in Special Effects Design (Hons).

After graduating in 2005 from University, Rubén taught himself photography, and merged his passion for Special Effects, Horror, and Cinematography into Myrkky Photography & FX.

Throughout the years, Rubén has taken his photography to exhibitions around the world; from solo exhibitions in México, to exhibiting in Detroit, MI, USA, alongside Marilyn Manson and HR Giger for Damned II in 2009, and many group exhibitions in London, UK.

Myrkky Photography was invited to teach a Special Effects workshop in Guadalajara Jalisco, as part of the Blood Window Forum 2018.

In November 2019, Rubén spent a week at House of Helsinglight, School of SFX, in Ilsbo, Sweden, as their artist in residence.

Rubén's unapologetically bold photography knows no boundaries and is unique in every aspect. His knowledge and application of lighting, special effects, and great detail in retouching on every image, makes his work stand out. Whether is a portrait or a horror scene, you'll be sure to look twice.

Myrkky Photography has published 4 photography books since 2017, RED, MYRKKY 1, THE TURNING & MYRKKY FACILITY XX, and BLACK, with 3 more book titles in progress, coming in the next 2 years, 2 RED, LUCHA LIBRE, and MYRKKY 2.

Rubén has also been working in the film industry since graduating in 2005, with several roles as Sparks, Costume Designer, Special Effects Make Up Artist, and for the past 10 years as a 3D Stereographer, with over 240+ film feature titles worked to date, including a 2 month stint in New Zealand from October to December 2022 to work alongside Director James Cameron and Producer Jon Landau in the creation of the 3D Stereoscopic Subtitles for Avatar 2: The Way Of Water.

Rubén's love and connection with Finland since his younger years is what sparked his chosen artist name from the very beginning of his career, MYRKKY.